pH reaction mixture

Calculate pH values of individual substances or of complex mixtures.

Create titration curves and observe the changes of the value of the dissoziation of the compounds.

App-Name: pH-Calculator

version:      1.0

built:           15 April 2010

techn Requirements:
iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad 
OS 3.1.2 or higher


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  1. calculation of pH values, titration curves and the dissociation of single compounds in a complex mixture

  2. app to support of students and pupils

pH Calculator

pH-Titration curve

Dissoziation of compounds during titration

The "heart" of the chemical reaction. Here you can choose up to max. 4 compounds to „react“ in the reaction mixture with each other.

You specify the respective concentrations and determine only whether the compounds are added as acid or base (as a salt of the acid) in the reaction mixture.

The pH Calculator calculates for you the pH value and the degree of dissociation for each acid-base level in the complex reaction mixture. The result will be displayed on a pH scale in animated form.

If multiple compounds are present in the reaction mixture, the last added compound can be used for a titration. The pH Calculator will calculate a pH titration curve. The display shows in addition to a touch on the screen the respective pH values and the amount of titration agent for this point in the diagram.

In addition, by clicking on the "show dissociation" button, the changes in the dissociation of the individual compounds are displayed during the titration and by re-clicking on the button these curves disappears.


individuell Acid/Base Pairs

The built-in library includes about 250 acid-base pairs. All current compounds are included with their pKa values, molecular formula, names, molecular weights etc..

You can completely list the library or easily find individuell compounds via the searchfield by their name or their formula.

For each compound, individual compound a note can be added. But almost always interessting details are already available.

If a compound is not in the library, you can simply add a new compound by the „Plus“ button or delete a compound by the „Edit“ button.
Tip: To set the "Charge" of a compound, please enter the electric charge for the fully deprotonated acid.

(Eg -1 for HCl, -2 for adipic acid,
-3 for H3PO4  and 0 for NH4 +)

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... And what can the app yet?

pH calculator stores the data for pH reaction mixture and make it automatically when a new program start running again.

Note: The program has benn tested extensively, but all calculations and details of the program and this website are given without any guarantee.